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Foundation Lifting

Sinking or failed basement foundations can be successfully lifted and stabilized by utilizing our customized screw pile technology. Our method is tried and tested, and of course, backed by extensive engineering. Each project of this nature is unique and is treated as such.

The process begins with soil samples and an in depth analysis of the structures current state (which areas have dropped and how much) This data allows us to form a virtual picture or mapping of the job so we can determine size, locations along the foundation, and amount of lift needed at each screw pile. Once this preliminary information is gathered, its time to break ground!.

Care is taken if utilities are present and the highest standards of safety consciousness are observed at all times.

Once pile locations are determined, the foundation is underpinned with screw piles and our customized engineered lifting apparatus is put in place.

Under close supervision of an onsite engineer, the foundation is lifted little by little until restored to its desired position.

The foundation is then stabilized to the screw piles, which remain under the footings, securing the restored position.

Using our own gravel trucks and other earth moving equipment such as bobcats and track hoes, we can bring in any required aggregates as well as was can haul away excess dirt or gravel. Our one stop shop saves time and money and ensures job completion - on time and on budget.

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