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Modular Building Piling

We at Kewltec are able to offer our customers complete modular building screw pile foundation systems serving Calgary and southern Alberta - from design and engineering, through to supply and installation. Our modular building pile services include custom pile capping and welding to meet any project requirements.

Engineered Piling

As well as installing screw piles according to any given customers predetermined specifications, we are also often involved right from the design phase of a project. We work closely, both with our engineers at HPS or your engineers and the customer to determine all aspects of a project's requirements, and see the project through to successful completion. Call us for professional screw piling services in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Complete Construction Solutions

Our wide scope of equipment, expertise, and resources allow us to offer effective solutions to our customer, no matter the size, or complexity of their project. Although we specialize in screw pile foundation systems, Kewltec is a full construction solutions company, offering both on and off site services to ensure the successful completion of our customer's project.

Completely Qualified

Each of our installers are highly trained, experienced, and knowledgable which allows them to successfully complete even the most complex installations in varying soil/ ground types.

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