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Helical Screw Piles

A screw piles effectiveness is due mainly to the helical shaped plate located near the point of the pile, and in some cases additionally spaced up the stem. This plate acts as both the main load bearing support for the pile, and is also the cutting edge that, due to its helical shape, actually “screws” the pile into the ground.

The size and depth to which a screw pile is installed depends on the weight (load) it will be supporting. During the installation, our experienced operators carefully monitor the process and, depending on the load requirements of any given pile, determine when sufficient embedment is achieved. This is done mainly by monitoring and interpreting the torque being applied to further advance the pile.

We at Kewltec are well equipped to accommodate any project, and can overcome a wide range of installation scenarios; thus ensuring a successful job, and ultimately, a happy customer. Our equipment varies greatly in size and application, allowing us to access almost area of installation. From our smaller machines that can easily crawl between residential houses to install deck piles in the back - to our larger machines that are able to install heavier, deeper piles for any industrial/commercial project.

Leading the Screw Pile industry in southern Alberta

  • lage and small screw pile jobs

    Advantages of screw piles vs. traditional concrete piles

    • Residential deck, patio, step support
    • Under slab or grade beam support
    • Foundations for additions
    • Foundations for move on homes, cabins, etc.
    • Foundation support for portable modular units (i.e.. school modulars)
    • Support posts for signage
    • Anchor points for less stable structures or wind bracing
    • Lift and stabilize existing foundations that are failing or sinking
    • Foundation and lateral support for retaining walls
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